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Download Madesu Messenger v1.0

Messenger application is for mig33 users who used to use pc / laptop. Advantage is, this much lighter than the web mig33. And you can browse using this application. So you do not need to open another application if just want to simply browse. Madesu Messenger v1.0 is particular version is equipped also with the Admin / Moderator Tools.

Download Madesu Messenger v1.0

Madesu Messenger v1.0

madesu messenger


* Messenger Mig33
* Web Browser
* Auto Leave Room
* Syncron with Winamp.. you can change word on first title so you can make variation for your status ( example : *Now Spinning : DJ RIRI * RUSTY GUITAR (07:26) )
* Auto Answer (online , away , busy and appear offline) make your own word if you're not available or even you're available but want to ads sumthin ( example : **Madesu Messenger Auto Answer** * I`m Away )
* Skin (black, red, green, blue , Flames dan None)
* Send Photo just drag it from your desktop or folder.. easy.. like ym..

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Kicau said...

Banyak juga ya piranti lunak untuk chat.. terimakasih infonya gan.. pengen juga nyoba

Saeful Ulum said...

Banyak juga ya feature yang disediakan Madesu, info yang menarik

Kemenaginfo said...

Terimakasih informasinya Saudaraku sedang nyari software chating, mungkin madesu bisa digunakan

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